Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: traya

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: traya

  tapa-traya—the threefold miseries    SB 3.22.32, Madhya 20.104, Madhya 22.13
  tapa-traya—from the threefold miseries    SB 3.31.16, Madhya 25.149
  tapa-traya—of threefold miseries    Adi 1.91, Madhya 24.100
  bhangi-traya-paricitam—bent in three places, namely the neck, waist and knees    Adi 5.224
  bhuvana-traya—throughout the three worlds    SB 8.15.35
  sakti-traya—three kinds of energies    SB 4.24.43
  sakti-traya—of the three energies    Adi 2.96
  guna-traya—of the three material modes of nature    SB 6.4.23
  guna-traya-isah—the master of the material modes.    SB 7.8.8
  guna-traya-atmakam—being an interaction of the three modes of material nature    SB 4.3.11
  guna-traya-atmakam—whose body is expanded by the material energy, consisting of three modes (goodness, passion and ignorance)    SB 8.20.21
  guna-traya-atma—consisting of the three modes    SB 3.32.9
  loka-traya—the three (upper, middle and lower) planetary systems    SB 3.8.25
  loka-traya—the three worlds    SB 3.9.21
  loka-traya—of the three worlds    SB 7.8.35
  loka-traya-ante—at the end of the three lokas (Bhurloka, Bhuvarloka and Svarloka)    SB 5.20.37
  sthana-traya—the three conditions of life (deep sleep, dreaming and wakefulness)    SB 6.16.61-62
  traya-vidhurah—although without beginning, end or middle    SB 6.16.36
  tapa-traya—threefold miseries    SB 1.1.2
  tapa-traya—three kinds of miseries    SB 1.5.32
  tapa-traya—threefold agonies    SB 3.28.31
  tapa-traya—by the threefold miserable conditions (adhyatmika, adhidaivika and adhibautika)    SB 7.6.14
  tapa-traya—the three kinds of miserable conditions    Madhya 20.102