Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tirthi

  tirthi—pilgrimage    SB 1.4.8
  tirthi—as holy places of pilgrimage    Madhya 10.12

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: tirthi

  tirthi-kurvanti—make into a holy place of pilgrimage    SB 1.13.10, Adi 1.63, Madhya 10.12
  daitya-danava-kula-tirthi-karana-sila-caritah—whose activities and character were so exalted that he delivered all the daityas (demons) born in his family    SB 5.18.7
  tirthi-kurvanti—make into holy places    Madhya 20.57
  tirthi-krta—having resigned    SB 3.21.30