Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tirtham

  tirtham—place of pilgrimage    SB 1.5.10
  tirtham—places of pilgrimages    SB 3.1.22
  tirtham—sacred lake    SB 3.23.23
  tirtham—the process    SB 4.12.47
  tirtham—holy places like the Ganges    SB 5.18.11
  tirtham—the holy place    SB 6.4.21
  tirtham—very holy place    SB 6.5.3
  tirtham—a way to come out    SB 9.19.4

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: tirtham

  tirtha-tirtham—the sanctifier of the holy places    Adi 5.141, Madhya 20.306
  loka-tirtham—auspicious for the planets    Madhya 24.177