Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tine

  tine—all three of them    Madhya 3.11, Madhya 6.160, Madhya 21.36
  tine—all three    Madhya 17.148, Antya 18.18
  tine—three    Madhya 24.263
  tine—these three    Adi 1.19
  tine—in the three places    Madhya 3.67
  tine—by these three things    Madhya 8.170
  tine—between the three    Madhya 17.131

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: tine

  dui-tine—two or three persons    Madhya 14.69
  e tine—these three    Madhya 24.104
  e-tine—these three    Madhya 21.135
  ei tine—these three    Madhya 6.197