Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: thani

  thani—space    Adi 4.128
  thani—place    Madhya 1.173
  thani—to the place    Madhya 12.5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: thani

  eka-thani—in one place    Antya 6.57, Antya 13.46, Antya 18.18, Antya 20.44
  tanra thani—from him    Madhya 4.111, Madhya 9.173, Antya 7.49, Antya 13.43
  prabhura thani—from Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 13.26, Antya 13.118, Antya 13.125
  tanra thani—to his place.    Madhya 10.152, Antya 2.89, Antya 11.21
  dui thani—in two places    Adi 16.55, Madhya 3.43
  ei thani—in this place    Madhya 11.195, Antya 2.131
  eka thani—in one place    Madhya 12.188, Madhya 21.75
  krsna-thani—from Krsna    Madhya 2.60, Antya 20.27
  tara thani—from him    Madhya 12.132, Antya 9.19
  acaryera thani—to Advaita Acarya    Madhya 10.90, Antya 19.17
  advaita-acaryera thani—to the place of Advaita Acarya.    Madhya 3.20
  anya thani—in other places    Madhya 13.53
  bhakta thani—in the presence of a devotee    Madhya 10.174
  bhakta-thani—before His devotee    Antya 3.91
  bhakta-thani—from the devotees    Antya 13.116
  brahmana-bhrtya-thani—from the brahmana and the servant    Antya 6.270
  sivanandera thani—to Sivananda Sena    Antya 6.259
  dui-thani—unto both    Antya 5.120
  durvasara thani—from Durvasa Muni    Antya 6.116
  damodara-svarupa-thani—to the care of Svarupa Damodara Gosvami    Antya 20.113
  ei cari thani—in these four places    Antya 2.34-35
  ei thani—at this place    Madhya 7.129
  eka thani—one place    Madhya 7.120
  eka thani—together    Madhya 15.197
  eka thani—assembled in one place.    Antya 12.8
  eka thani—a place    Antya 14.62
  eka-thani—in one place    Adi 17.253
  eka-thani—one body.    Adi 4.57
  eka-thani—at one place.    Antya 6.26
  gosanira thani—to Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 20.88
  gosanira thani—in front of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 3.11
  govinda-thani—in charge of Govinda    Antya 10.55
  govinda-thani—to Govinda    Antya 10.108
  govindera thani—in the care of Govinda    Antya 12.104
  guru-thani—from his spiritual master    Madhya 10.109
  inhara thani—in the possession of this man    Madhya 20.19
  kata thani—in how many places    Antya 4.168
  kona thani—where    Madhya 15.125
  krsna-thani—from Lord Krsna    Antya 20.35
  krsna-thani—unto Lord Krsna    Antya 4.196
  mahaprabhu-thani—before Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 5.96
  mora thani—to My place    Madhya 10.135
  mora thani—in my possession    Madhya 20.24
  mata-thani—from mother Saci    Antya 19.16
  nityananda-prabhu-thani—from Srila Nityananda Prabhu    Antya 4.232
  ojha-thani—to the exorcist    Antya 18.56
  pandita-gosanira thani—to Gadadhara Pandita Gosani    Antya 7.90
  pandita-thani—from Gadadhara Pandita    Antya 7.171
  panditera thani—from Gadadhara Pandita    Antya 7.150
  pasarira thani—from the shopkeepers    Antya 6.216
  pasarira thani—from all the shopkeepers    Antya 11.73
  prabhu-thani—to the place of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 1.27
  prabhu-thani—before Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 12.105
  prabhu-thani—unto Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 16.89
  prataparudra-thani—to the presence of Maharaja Prataparudra    Madhya 16.102
  putra-thani—to their son    Antya 6.258
  patsara thani—for the emperor    Antya 3.191
  rupa-thani—to the presence of Rupa Gosvami    Madhya 19.31
  raja-thani yana—going to the King    Antya 9.39
  raja-thani—to the King    Madhya 11.65
  rajara thani—before the King    Antya 9.27
  saba bhakta-gana-thani—from all the devotees    Antya 13.42
  sanatana-thani—to Sanatana Gosvami    Madhya 19.32
  sarva-thani—in all places    Madhya 7.131-132
  sei thani—in that place    Madhya 7.90
  sei thani—to Sanatana Gosvami    Antya 4.148
  svarupa-thani—before Svarupa Damodara Gosvami    Antya 5.96
  svarupera thani—in the possession of Svarupa Damodara    Madhya 11.142
  svarupera thani—before Svarupa Damodara Gosvami    Antya 5.99
  svarupera thani—from Svarupa Damodara    Antya 6.238
  sata thani—in the seven places    Madhya 13.51
  sata thani—in seven places    Madhya 13.52
  sata-thani—in seven groups    Antya 7.73-74
  tina thani—in three places    Madhya 3.42
  tina-thani—in three places    Antya 6.70
  toma-thani—from you.    Madhya 24.246
  tomara thani—to your place    Madhya 7.43
  tomara thani—to your presence    Madhya 8.127
  tomara thani—before you    Madhya 8.289
  tomara thani—in your possession    Madhya 20.24
  tomara thani—from You    Antya 13.31
  tahara thani—from him    Antya 9.47
  tanra thani—from Sacidevi    Madhya 1.233
  tanra thani—before him    Madhya 4.78
  tanra thani—from her    Antya 2.107
  tanra thani—to them    Antya 16.10
  tanra thani—from them    Antya 16.11
  tara thani—unto him    Madhya 20.17
  vaisnava-pandita-thani—from a self-realized, advanced Vaisnava    Antya 13.117
  vaninatha-thani—unto Vaninatha Raya    Madhya 11.180
  yei thani—wherever    Antya 16.31
  yanra thani—from whom    Madhya 8.183-184
  amara thani—before me    Madhya 16.260
  amara thani—to me    Antya 7.152
  thakura-thani aila—she came and remained at the residence of Haridasa Thakura.    Antya 3.127