Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tattva

  tattva—truth    Bg 2.16, Bg 4.34, SB 3.5.4, SB 3.5.8, Adi 1.27, Adi 2.64, Adi 14.85, Madhya 9.105, Madhya 20.103, Antya 5.85 (and more...)
  tattva—of the truth    SB 3.25.1, SB 3.25.29, SB 4.20.25, SB 5.11.1, SB 5.18.33, Adi 1.28, Adi 2.58, Adi 2.120, Adi 5.3, Madhya 10.111
  tattva—the truth    SB 4.18.3, SB 7.15.22, Adi 2.59, Adi 5.148, Adi 17.318, Madhya 7.67, Madhya 8.186, Madhya 20.95-96, Madhya 20.283, Madhya 24.71
  tattva—truths    Adi 6.33, Adi 7.13, Madhya 6.205, Madhya 20.107
  tattva—the Absolute Truth    SB 1.2.10, SB 2.9.36, SB 3.24.32
  tattva—of the Absolute Truth    SB 3.25.6, Adi 1.56, Madhya 25.123
  tattva—knowledge    SB 1.2.20
  tattva—of the ultimate principles    SB 3.21.32
  tattva—the fundamental principles    SB 3.27.20
  tattva—basic principles    SB 3.33.1
  tattva—Absolute Truth    SB 4.31.7
  tattva—real nature    Adi 1.108-109
  tattva—in truth    Adi 7.108
  tattva—that truth    Madhya 8.119
  tattva—conclusions    Madhya 19.105
  tattva—the principle    Madhya 22.7
  tattva—truth.    Antya 3.206

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: tattva

  tattva-vidah—learned souls    Adi 2.11, Adi 2.63, Madhya 20.158, Madhya 24.74, Madhya 24.81
  tattva-vijnanam—factual realization    SB 2.9.32, Adi 1.52, Madhya 25.109
  panca-tattva-atmakam—comprehending the five transcendental subject matters    Adi 1.14, Adi 7.6
  rasa-tattva—the truth about transcendental mellows    Madhya 8.263, Madhya 19.115
  tattva-vit—one who knows the truth.    SB 1.9.28, SB 6.9.48
  a-tat-tattva-vidah—not knowing the secret (of the portents)    SB 3.17.15
  a-tattva-jna—one who has no knowledge of the Absolute Truth    Antya 5.120
  advaya-jnana-tattva—the Absolute Truth without duality    Madhya 20.152
  advaya-tattva—Absolute Truth without a second    Madhya 24.75
  avidita-tattva—without knowing the actual fact    SB 4.7.15
  bhakta-tattva—in the category of devotees    Adi 7.15
  bhakti-bhakta-rasa-tattva—the truth about devotional service, devotees and their transcendental mellows    Antya 5.163
  bhakti-tattva—the truths of transcendental loving service    Madhya 8.124
  bhakti-tattva—of the truth about devotional service    Madhya 19.115
  bhakti-tattva—the truth of devotional service    Madhya 25.265
  bhakti-tattva-jnana—transcendental knowledge in devotional service.    Antya 5.89
  bhava-tattva—the emotional truth    Madhya 25.265
  caitanya-tattva—the truth of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Adi 7.168
  caitanya-tattva-nirupana—description of the truth of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Adi 17.314
  sri-bhagavata-tattva-rasa—the truth and transcendental taste of Srimad-Bhagavatam    Madhya 25.266
  sri-nityananda-tattva—the truth of Sri Nityananda    Adi 6.3
  desa-kala-artha-tattva-jnah—very experienced according to time, place and circumstances    SB 10.11.22
  dharma-tattva-vit—one who is actually learned in regard to religious activities    SB 7.15.7
  isvara-tattva—the truth of the Absolute Truth    Adi 5.88
  isvara-tattva—the supreme controller    Adi 7.10
  isvara-tattva—the truth of the Absolute    Madhya 6.81
  isvara-tattva—the Absolute Truth    Madhya 6.83
  isvara-tattva—the Absolute Truth (the Supreme personality of Godhead)    Madhya 6.85-86
  isvara-tattva—and the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 18.113
  isvara-tattva-jnana—knowledge of the principles of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 6.87
  isvara-tattva-jnane—in understanding the Absolute Truth, the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 6.82
  isvarera tattva—the truth of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Adi 7.116
  ei sambandha-tattva kahilun—this has been explained as the principle of a relationship with Me    Madhya 25.118
  ei tattva—all these truths    Madhya 8.120
  ei tina tattva—all three of these truths    Adi 7.15
  ei tina tattva—all three of these features of the Absolute Truth    Madhya 25.106
  eka-tattva-rupa—one principle    Antya 5.149
  eta tattva—all these varieties of truth    Madhya 8.264
  guna-tattva-buddhibhih—by the conditioned souls whose poor intelligence dictates that real truth is found in the manifestations of the three modes of material nature    SB 6.4.23
  guru-tattva—the truth in understanding the spiritual master    Adi 7.3
  gudha-tattva—the confidential truth    Madhya 8.308
  jiva-tattva—the truth of the living entities    Adi 7.117
  jiva-tattva—the living entities    Adi 7.120
  jiva-tattva nahe—still he is not called jiva-tattva    Madhya 20.308
  jnata-tattva—knowing the truth    SB 3.33.21
  karma-tattva-jnah—expert in Vedic ritualistic ceremonies    SB 9.13.20-21
  krsna-bhakti-tattva—the truths of transcendental loving service to Krsna    Madhya 8.125
  krsna-radha-tattva—the truth about Radha-Krsna    Madhya 8.129
  krsna-tattva—the truth of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Adi 7.117
  krsna-tattva—the truth about Krsna    Madhya 8.263
  krsna-tattva—of the truth about Lord Krsna    Madhya 19.115
  krsna-tattva—the truth of Krsna    Madhya 25.265
  krsna-tattva—Krsna, the Absolute Truth    Antya 4.219
  krsna-tattva-sara—the essence of the truth of Krsna    Madhya 25.270
  krsna-tattva-vetta—a knower of the science of Krsna    Madhya 8.128
  lila-tattva—the truth about the pastimes of the Lord    Madhya 8.263
  lila-tattva—the truth of pastimes of the Lord    Madhya 25.265
  loka-tattva—the nature of the living beings (especially those who are trying to advance in Krsna consciousness)    SB 7.13.12-13
  loka-tattva-vicaksanah—because he was very experienced in universal affairs.    SB 8.11.48
  mahat-tattva haite—from the total material energy    Madhya 20.276
  mantra-tattva-lingaya—who is understood in truth by different mantras    SB 5.18.35
  nityananda-tattva—the truth of Lord Nityananda    Adi 5.12
  nityananda-tattva-sima—the limit of the truth of Lord Nityananda    Adi 5.126
  panca-tattva—these five tattvas    Adi 7.4
  panca-tattva—the same five subjects    Adi 7.4
  panca-tattva—the five subjects    Adi 7.5
  panca-tattva—five truths    Adi 7.20-21
  panca-tattva—the five tattvas    Adi 17.320
  panca-tattva-rupe—the Lord in His five forms    Adi 7.163
  panca-tattva-akhyane—in describing the glories of the Panca-tattva (Sri Krsna Caitanya, Prabhu Nityananda, Sri Advaita, Gadadhara and Srivasa)    Madhya 25.16
  para-tattva—the ultimate truth    Adi 2.8
  para-tattva—as the Supreme    Adi 7.120
  para-tattva—Absolute Truth    Adi 7.138
  para-tattva-sima—the highest limit of the Absolute Truth    Adi 2.110
  parama-tattva—the Supreme Truth    Adi 17.106
  prabhu-tattva-jnata—a knower of the true identity of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Madhya 6.18
  prema-tattva—the truth of ecstatic love of Godhead    Madhya 25.265
  prema-tattva-sara—the essence of Their loving affairs    Madhya 8.263
  purna-tattva—full truth    Adi 2.24
  purna-tattva—full of truth    Adi 4.122
  rasa-tattva—the truth of transcendental mellow    Madhya 25.265
  rasa-tattva-jnana—transcendental knowledge of the humors of conjugal love between Radha and Krsna    Madhya 8.307
  radha-tattva—the truth about Radha    Madhya 8.263
  sa-tattva—with all details    SB 2.7.19
  saba tattva—all such truths    Madhya 20.103
  saba tattva—all truths    Madhya 20.104
  sambandha-tattva—the center of all relationships    Madhya 25.103
  sarva tattva—all different elements    Madhya 20.277
  sarva-tattva—all conclusive truths    Madhya 19.117
  sei tattva sara—that is the essence of all spiritual knowledge.    Madhya 25.58
  tattva varne—describes the Absolute Truth    Antya 5.120
  tattva-bhava—the factual position    Madhya 20.105
  tattva-darsibhih—by persons who know the Absolute Truth    SB 9.10.3
  tattva-dipam—the bright light of the Absolute Truth    Madhya 17.138
  tattva-dipam—which is the light of the Absolute Truth    Madhya 24.48
  tattva-drk—one who knows the tattvas, the material and spiritual energies    SB 6.10.12
  tattva-grahanaya—for accepting the real purpose of Vedic knowledge    SB 5.11.3
  tattva-grama—the sum total of the creative elements    SB 1.3.10
  tattva-jnah—one who knows the truth    SB 4.25.3
  tattva-jijnasuna—by one who was anxious to inquire to know the truth    SB 3.7.8
  tattva-jijnasayam—in the matter of inquiring about the Absolute Truth    SB 5.10.15
  tattva-jnana—knowledge of the truth    Bg 13.8-12
  tattva-jnane—by transcendental knowledge    Adi 16.23
  tattva-kovidaih—persons in knowledge of the Absolute Truth    SB-4.21.41
  tattva-laksanam—symptoms of the truth    Adi 4.276
  tattva-lila—truth and pastimes    Madhya 8.286
  tattva-madhye—in the truth    Adi 7.16
  tattva-niscayam—that which verifies the truth    SB 2.4.1
  tattva-nirupana—ascertaining the truth    Adi 6.119
  tattva-rupa—actual form.    Madhya 8.119
  tattva-rupa—the actual position.    Madhya 8.150
  tattva-samradhyah—one who is worshipable for reception of transcendental knowledge    SB 3.4.26
  tattva-sankhyana—the philosophy of the twenty-four material elements    SB 3.24.10
  tattva-vastu—of the Absolute Truth    Adi 1.88-89
  tattva-vastu—Absolute Truth    Adi 1.96
  tattva-vastu—the Absolute Truth    Adi 2.65
  tattva-vastu—objects of truth    Madhya 8.117
  tattva-vidah—the learned souls    SB 1.2.11
  tattva-vidah—those who know the Absolute Truth    Madhya 25.132
  tattva-vidam—of those who are well versed in the Absolute Truth    SB 2.8.2
  tattva-vimarsanaya—for understanding the truth by consultation    SB 5.12.4
  tattva-visayam—subject matter about the Absolute Truth    SB 3.15.24
  tattva-vit—expert transcendentalist    SB 3.9.41
  tattva-vit-tamam—the foremost knower of the science of spiritual life.    SB 3.20.4
  tattva-vadah—the spiritual science    SB 5.11.2
  tattva-vadi—a section of the Madhvacarya-sampradaya    Madhya 1.114
  tattva-vadi—followers of Madhvacarya    Madhya 9.11
  tattva-vadi—philosophers known as Tattvavadis    Madhya 9.245
  tattva-acarya—the acarya of the Tattvavada-sampradaya    Madhya 9.273
  tattva-amnayam—truths received by disciplic succession    SB 3.25.31
  tattva-atma—self-knowledge    SB 3.4.20
  tina tattva—the three truths    Madhya 25.108
  vastu-tattva—of the Absolute Truth    Madhya 6.89
  vastu-tattva-sara—the essence of the Absolute Truth.    Adi 1.108-109
  atma-tattva—transcendental    SB 2.5.1
  atma-tattva—the science of God or that of the living entity    SB 2.9.4
  atma-tattva—the science of self-realization    SB 3.32.34-36
  atma-tattva-vidam—of the learned scholars who are aware of the spiritual science    SB 5.10.19
  atma-tattva-vyuhena—by expansions of Himself in the quadruple forms Vasudeva, Sankarsana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha    SB 5.17.14