Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tasmai

  tasmai—unto Him    SB 1.6.25, SB 1.17.38, SB 1.19.29, SB 2.4.15, SB 2.4.16, SB 2.4.17, SB 2.4.18, SB 2.4.24, SB 2.5.12, SB 2.6.38 (and more...)
  tasmai—unto Him.    SB 3.9.17, SB 4.9.14, SB 5.6.19
  tasmai—to him    SB 3.22.22, SB 4.2.16, SB 4.19.18
  tasmai—unto Him, Lord Viñëu, because of whom they become purified    Madhya 24.179, Madhya 24.209
  tasmai—to him (a pure devotee, even though born in a very low family)    Madhya 19.50, Madhya 20.58
  tasmai—unto him (the brähmaëa)    SB 9.21.6
  tasmai—unto Prahläda Mahäräja    SB 8.22.14
  tasmai—unto him (Vasiñöha)    SB 9.1.22
  tasmai—unto Vasiñöha    SB 9.1.38-39
  tasmai—unto him (Ambaréña Mahäräja)    SB 9.4.28
  tasmai—to punish Mahäräja Ambaréña    SB 9.4.46
  tasmai—unto him, King Hariçcandra    SB 9.7.23
  tasmai—unto Him (Lord Rämacandra)    SB 9.11.5
  tasmai—unto him, Rajé    SB 9.17.13
  tasmai—unto Mahäräja Indradyumna    SB 8.4.10
  tasmai—unto him (Lord Brahmä)    SB 10.1.18
  tasmai—(because You are not to be understood from the material platform, we simply offer obeisances) unto Him    SB 10.10.33
  tasmai—unto that Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 22.20
  tasmai—to him (the pure devotee)    Antya 16.25
  tasmai—unto Him (Lord Vämanadeva)    SB 8.18.17
  tasmai—unto him (Bali Mahäräja)    SB 8.11.12
  tasmai—unto Lord Brahmä    SB 7.9.37
  tasmai—unto Him (the Supreme Personality of Godhead)    SB 7.8.44
  tasmai—unto Him (the Supreme Lord)    SB 5.18.31
  tasmai—unto Him (the form of Hayagréva)    SB 5.18.6
  tasmai—unto Him (the Supreme)    SB 5.17.24
  tasmai—unto it    SB 5.8.14
  tasmai—for Lord Indra    SB 4.19.21
  tasmai—for him    SB 4.19.17
  tasmai—at him    SB 4.14.30
  tasmai—unto him (Dakña)    SB 4.7.57
  tasmai—unto You    SB 4.7.47
  tasmai—towards him (Lord Çiva)    SB 4.4.15
  tasmai—thereupon    SB 2.9.44
  tasmai—therefore    SB 2.7.8

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