Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: taranga

  taraṅga—waves    Adi 10.45, Madhya 13.171, Madhya 21.113, Antya 18.21, Antya 18.27
  taraṅga—waves.    Madhya 3.119, Madhya 12.213, Madhya 14.169, Antya 14.95
  taraṅga—the waves.    Madhya 22.134, Antya 17.47
  taraṅga—of the waves    SB 8.10.51
  bhāva-taraṅga—the waves of ecstasy    Madhya 3.130
  śuddha-premera taraṅga—waves of pure devotional service    Antya 3.19
  dhārṣṭyera taraṅga—a wave of impudence.    Antya 1.185
  kṛṣṇa-viraha-taraṅga—the waves of separation from Kṛṣṇa    Antya 9.5
  kṛpāra taraṅga—waves of mercy.    Antya 4.190
  premera taraṅga—waves of ecstatic love.    Madhya 15.279
  rasa-taraṅga—by the continuous waves of the mellow    Antya 1.171
  siddhānta-samudra-taraṅga—the waves of the ocean of devotional service.    Antya 5.132
  taraṅga-bale—by the force of the waves    Madhya 2.27
  taraṅga-bindu—a drop of a wave    Antya 15.19
  taraṅga-haste—by the waves of the Yamunā, which are compared to hands    Antya 18.91
  viṣaya-taraṅga—materialistic way of life    Madhya 7.129

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