Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tapta

  tapta—fiery    SB 1.8.10
  tapta—scorched    SB 3.31.17
  tapta—heated    SB 5.26.14
  tapta—melted    SB 6.9.13-17
  tapta—molten    Adi 3.59
  tapta—hot    Madhya 2.51
  kāma-arka-tapta-kumudinī—exactly like lilies becoming very hot in the sun of lusty desire    Antya 19.38
  tapta-dugdhe—in hot milk    Antya 6.57
  tapta-ghṛta—hot clarified butter    Madhya 25.195
  tapta-hema—molten gold    SB 4.24.24-25
  tapta-hema—as molten gold    Adi 3.41
  tapta-hema-avadātena—with a luster like that of molten gold    SB 8.6.3-7
  tapta-hema-ābhaḥ—whose bodily luster became like molten gold    SB 7.3.23
  tapta-jīvanam—life for persons very much aggrieved in the material world    Madhya 14.13
  tapta-kāñcana—molten gold    SB 1.12.9
  tapta-sūrmiḥ—Taptasūrmi    SB 5.26.7
  tapta-taile—in boiling oil    SB 5.26.13
  tapta-vāluke—of hot sand    SB 3.30.22
  tapta-vālukāte—on the hot sand    Antya 4.119
  tapta-vālukāte—on hot sand    Antya 4.123
  tapta-vālukāya—by the hot sand    Antya 4.124

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