Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tapasah

  tapasaḥ—by dint of austerities    SB 1.5.22
  tapasaḥ—of one who is engaged in penance    SB 2.9.23
  tapasaḥ—of penance    SB 3.7.34
  tapasaḥ—by his severe austerity    SB 4.8.82
  tapasaḥ—of our austerities    SB 5.17.3
  tapasaḥ—austerities    SB 7.7.13
  tapasaḥ—that Tapoloka    SB 8.20.34
  tapasaḥ—by austerity    SB 9.16.6
  tāpasaḥ—always engaged in austerity    SB 8.4.8
  tāpasaḥ—advanced in executing spiritual life    SB 9.16.32
  alpa-tapasaḥ—of one whose austerity is meager    SB 3.7.20
  alpa-tapasaḥ—by a person not advanced in spiritual life    Madhya 11.32
  sva-tapasaḥ—by dint of my own penances    SB 2.7.5
  yoga-tāpasaḥ—executing the activities of mystic yoga and austerities    SB 5.8.26

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