Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tapasa

  tapasā—by austerity    SB 4.9.34, SB 4.11.28, SB 4.12.23, SB 4.28.38, SB 5.1.12, SB 6.4.21, SB 8.14.4, SB 8.17.23, SB 9.18.12-14, SB 10.3.37-38
  tapasā—by penance    Bg 4.10, SB 2.9.20, SB 2.9.24, SB 3.9.41, SB 3.10.6, SB 3.12.18, SB 3.12.19, SB 3.20.52, SB 4.4.33
  tapasā—austerity    SB 3.9.13, SB 5.2.15
  tapasā—by austerities    SB 4.8.13, SB 4.31.11
  tapasā—by austerities and penances    SB 5.4.5, SB 9.16.28
  tapasā—by severe austerities and penances    SB 5.12.12, Madhya 22.52
  tapasā—by executing austerity    SB 9.6.32, SB 9.9.8
  tapasā—by serious penances    Bg 11.53
  tapasā—by the same energy of penance    SB 2.9.24
  tapasā—penance    SB-4.21.37
  tapasā—by their austerity    SB 4.24.14
  tapasā—under severe austerities    SB 4.30.3
  tapasā—by practicing austerities and penances    SB 5.5.10-13
  tapasā—by austerity or voluntary rejection of material enjoyment    SB 6.1.13-14
  tapasā—by your austerities    SB 6.4.43
  tapasā—by the strength of your austerities    SB 6.7.31
  tapasā—by the austerity    SB 6.9.18
  tapasā—by the austerities    SB 6.11.20
  tapasā—by a severe type of penance    SB 7.3.15-16
  tapasā—by the difficult austerities    SB 7.4.1
  tapasā—due to austerity    SB 7.14.41
  tapasā—by dint of austerity and penances    SB 9.1.18
  tapasā—by austerity (the senses become purified)    SB 10.5.4
  tapasā—with great austerities and penances    SB 10.9.9
  tapasā—on account of austerity    Adi 6.75
  daitya-indra-tapasā—by the severe austerity performed by the King of the Daityas, Hiraṇyakaśipu    SB 7.3.6
  grasāmi tapasā—I do withdraw also by the same energy    SB 2.9.24
  tapasā abhitaptam—highly advanced through practice of austerity and penance    SB 8.7.33
  tīvra-tapasā—by severe austerities    SB 7.9.35
  tāpasa-abhīṣṭam—desired by Śaivite ascetics    SB 4.6.36
  ugra-tapasā—by severe austerities    SB 3.33.14

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