Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tanuh

  tanuḥ—body    SB 2.9.18, Adi 4.259, Madhya 13.207
  tanūḥ—body    SB 3.16.10, SB 5.5.24, Madhya 20.331
  tanuḥ—the body    SB 6.4.46, SB 6.7.29-30
  tanūḥ—bodies    Adi 3.36, Madhya 6.101
  tanuḥ—the medium of its manifestation    SB 7.13.27
  tanuḥ—the body.    Antya 1.146
  tanūḥ—the bodies    SB 4.16.5
  anuyugam tanūḥ—transcendental bodies according to the different yugas    SB 10.8.13
  bhagavat-tanuḥ—part of the body of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 4.19.30
  hareḥ tanūḥ—are the different parts of the body of Lord Viṣṇu.    SB 10.4.41
  hṛṣyat-tanuḥ—having transcendental ecstatic bliss manifested in the body    SB 7.9.6
  tanūḥ dhatte—accepts the forms of incarnations    SB 8.24.5
  ālālita-tanuḥ—whose body is covered    Madhya 14.194

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