Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tanu

  tanu—body    Adi 5.27-28, Adi 8.59, Madhya 2.53, Madhya 3.124, Madhya 12.86, Antya 14.29, Antya 16.121-122, Antya 18.72
  tanu—the body    Adi 7.87, Antya 11.59
  tanu—small    SB 3.28.33
  tanu—having such a body    Adi 3.43
  tanu—body.    Antya 12.29
  tanū—two bodies.    SB 6.16.51
  tanū—and body    Antya 13.1
  tanu-bhṛtām—of the embodied    SB 4.1.28, SB 4.9.10
  tanu-bhṛtām—of those who are embodied    Adi 1.48, Madhya 22.48
  tanu-bhā—the effulgence of His transcendental body    Adi 1.3, Adi 2.5
  tanu-mana—body and mind    Madhya 2.76, Antya 20.48
  śveta-tanu—white body    Antya 18.71
  śyāma-tanu—the blackish body.    Antya 19.39
  eka-tanu—one body    Adi 5.175
  janma-tanu-mana—their births, bodies and minds.    Madhya 21.114
  kṛṣṇa-tanu—the body of Kṛṣṇa    Antya 19.40
  kṛṣṇa-tanu-sama—exactly like the transcendental body of Kṛṣṇa    Adi 5.18
  sat-cit-ānanda-tanu—Kṛṣṇa's body is transcendental, full of knowledge, bliss and eternity    Madhya 8.136
  tanu nahe—is not an ordinary body    Antya 19.40
  tanu-bhṛt—a living entity who has accepted a material body    SB 5.1.12
  tanu-bhṛt—one who has accepted a material body    SB 5.11.15
  tanu-bhṛt—the living entities embodied in material nature    SB 8.3.17
  tanu-bhṛtaḥ—embodied living entities    SB 4.7.30
  tanu-bhṛtaḥ—who have accepted material bodies    Madhya 19.143
  tanu-bhṛtsu—among the living entities    Madhya 24.207
  tanu-bhṛtām—of the living entities who have accepted material bodies    SB 7.9.19
  tanu-bhṛtām—with reference to living entities possessing material bodies    SB 7.9.24
  tanu-hīna—without a body    Madhya 2.22
  tanu-je—in his son, Jaḍa Bharata    SB 5.9.6
  tanu-mana—mind and body    Antya 5.35-36
  tanu-mana—the minds and bodies    Antya 19.96
  tanu-manera—of the mind and body    Madhya 2.64
  tanu-māninaḥ—of a person in the bodily concept of life    SB 10.2.22
  tanu-rūpa-ṛddhim—an abundance of bodily beauty    Antya 1.92
  tanu-tyajaḥ—and thus lay down their lives    SB 8.20.9
  tanu-udyat-saṅkocāt—by contracting within the body    Antya 17.72
  tanu-vāk-manobhiḥ—by the body, words and mind    Madhya 8.67
  tanū-deśaiḥ—with all the parts of the body    SB 7.13.12-13
  tanū-ja—my dear son (born of my body)    SB 6.14.58
  tanū-ruheṣu—in the hair on the body    SB 8.20.25-29
  tanū-ruhāṇi—hairs on the body    SB 2.1.33
  utphullita tanu-mane—the body and mind become jubilant    Madhya 25.278

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