Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tantrah

  tantraḥ—have assumed    SB 3.33.5
  tantraḥ—dependent    SB 4.31.22
  ātma-tantraḥ—self-sufficient    SB 1.16.34, SB 4.7.26, SB 8.5.32
  ātma-tantraḥ—self-independent    SB 1.3.36, SB 3.5.5
  artha-tantraḥ—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is always determined to protect the sādhus and kill the asādhus    SB 10.2.21
  asva-tantrāḥ—dependent.    SB 5.18.19
  karma-tantraḥ—in the matter of fruitive activities    SB 3.8.12
  sva-tantrāḥ—remaining independent    SB 3.20.11
  ātma-tantraḥ—independent    SB 2.8.23
  ātma-tantraḥ—fully independent    SB 5.4.14
  ātma-tantraḥ—completely self-sufficient    SB 5.25.13

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