Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tandula

  taṇḍula—raw rice    Adi 17.20
  taṇḍula—rice.    Adi 17.39
  taṇḍula—the rice    Madhya 4.67
  taṇḍula—rice    Antya 2.110
  taṇḍula—grains    Antya 10.22
  taṇḍula—the grains    Antya 10.29-30
  taṇḍula dekhi—seeing the rice    Antya 2.107
  taṇḍula māgi—begging rice    Antya 2.107
  taṇḍula-garbha-randhiḥ—the center of the rice within the milk becomes cooked    SB 5.10.22

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