Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tamra

  tamra—copperlike    SB 4.14.44
  tamra—like copper    SB 6.9.13-17
  tamra—Tamra    SB 6.6.24-26

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: tamra

  rosa-tamra-aksah—with red-hot eyes due to being angry    SB 1.18.36
  tamra-aksam—having eyes like copper    SB 7.4.13
  tamra-aksah—with copper-red eyes    SB 1.7.33
  tamra-smasru—coppery mustaches    SB 7.5.39-40
  tamra-locanah—having eyes reddish like copper    SB 5.17.20
  tamra-maye—made of copper    SB 5.26.14
  tamra-parni—Tamraparni    SB 5.19.17-18