Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tale

  tale—underneath    Madhya 2.54, Antya 9.14
  tale—at the base    Madhya 19.127
  tale—in the part underneath    Madhya 21.49
  tale—on the ground    Madhya 21.128
  tale—the surface    Antya 6.45
  tale—below    Antya 9.30
  tale—at the bottom    Antya 16.41
  taru-tale—underneath the tree    Madhya 1.58, Madhya 13.121, Antya 1.78
  tāra tale—below them    Madhya 12.159, Madhya 12.159
  vṛkṣa-tale—underneath a tree    Adi 17.47, Madhya 18.159
  aśokera tale—underneath an aśoka tree    Antya 19.85
  aṅghri-tale—beneath the feet, or on the sole    SB 8.20.23
  avani-tale—on the ground    SB 5.16.19
  bakula-tale—underneath a bakula flower tree    Madhya 16.102
  bhū-tale—on the surface of the earth    SB 1.17.8
  bhū-tale—on this earth    SB 4.25.12
  bhū-tale—on the ground    SB 4.26.17
  eka eka vṛkṣa-tale—under each and every tree    Madhya 14.99
  gagana-tale—under the canopy of the sky    SB 5.1.8
  gagana-tale—beneath the sky or on the ground    SB 8.11.31
  gopī-candana-tale—under heaps of gopī-candana (yellowish clay used for tilaka)    Madhya 9.247
  kadambera tale—underneath a kadamba tree.    Antya 15.55
  keha tale—some at the base of the platform    Antya 6.70
  kṣoṇi-tale—on the surface of the globe    SB-4.21.36
  mahī-tale—upon the ground.    SB 7.5.33
  mahī-tale—upon this earth    SB 9.9.4
  pada-tale—under the shelter of the lotus feet    Adi 10.91
  piṇḍā-tale—at the foot of the raised place where Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu was sitting    Antya 1.111
  piṇḍāra tale—below the platform    Antya 4.23
  prabhu-pāda-tale—at the lotus feet of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Antya 19.68
  prati-vṛkṣa-tale—under each and every tree    Madhya 13.204
  prati-vṛkṣa-tale—underneath each tree    Madhya 14.98
  rahilā tale—remain at the bottom    Madhya 18.41
  teṅtula-tale—underneath the tamarind tree    Madhya 18.78
  tāra tale—underneath that tree    Madhya 18.76
  tāra tale—below Vṛndāvana-dhāma    Madhya 21.46
  tāra tale—below the spiritual world    Madhya 21.52
  vṛkṣa-tale—under the shade of a tree    Madhya 4.23
  vṛkṣa-tale—under a tree    Antya 12.18
  āṅcala-tale—at the skirt    Madhya 4.131

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