Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: taila

  taila—oil    Adi 13.110, Madhya 4.60, Antya 12.103, Antya 12.104, Antya 12.109, Antya 12.111, Antya 12.116, Antya 12.118, Antya 18.100
  taila—and oil    SB 10.5.7
  taila—the oil    Antya 12.104

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: taila

  candana-adi taila—oil distilled from sandalwood and other substances    Antya 12.102
  candana-adi-taila—scented sandalwood oil    Antya 12.105
  su-gandhi taila—scented oil    Antya 12.107
  su-gandhi taila—perfumed oil    Antya 12.108
  taila bhangi—breaking the pot of oil    Antya 12.120
  taila diya—with oil    Madhya 4.62
  taila-adbhih—mixed with oil    SB 10.5.12
  taila-bhanjana—breaking the oil pot    Antya 20.120
  taila-gandha—the scent of the oil    Antya 12.114
  taila-kalasa—the jugful of oil    Antya 12.119
  taila-mardana—massaging mustard oil on the body.    Madhya 25.206
  taila-yantra-aksa-vat—like the axle of an oil-pressing machine    SB 5.21.14
  taila-yantra-cakra-vat—like the wheel of an oil-pressing machine    SB 5.21.13