Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: taila

  taila—oil    Adi 13.110, Madhya 4.60, Antya 12.103, Antya 12.104, Antya 12.109, Antya 12.111, Antya 12.116, Antya 12.118, Antya 18.100
  taila—and oil    SB 10.5.7
  taila—the oil    Antya 12.104
  candana-ādi taila—oil distilled from sandalwood and other substances    Antya 12.102
  candana-ādi-taila—scented sandalwood oil    Antya 12.105
  su-gandhi taila—scented oil    Antya 12.107
  su-gandhi taila—perfumed oil    Antya 12.108
  taila bhāṅgi—breaking the pot of oil    Antya 12.120
  taila diyā—with oil    Madhya 4.62
  taila-adbhiḥ—mixed with oil    SB 10.5.12
  taila-bhañjana—breaking the oil pot    Antya 20.120
  taila-gandha—the scent of the oil    Antya 12.114
  taila-kalasa—the jugful of oil    Antya 12.119
  taila-mardana—massaging mustard oil on the body.    Madhya 25.206
  taila-yantra-akṣa-vat—like the axle of an oil-pressing machine    SB 5.21.14
  taila-yantra-cakra-vat—like the wheel of an oil-pressing machine    SB 5.21.13

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