Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tabhyam

  tābhyām—from them    SB 3.26.58
  tābhyām—by those qualifications    SB 3.9.30
  tābhyām—of them    SB 3.12.53
  tābhyām—by those two porters    SB 3.15.31
  tābhyām—out of them    SB 4.1.44
  tābhyām—from both of them    SB 4.8.3
  tābhyām—by them    SB 4.25.47
  tābhyām—by those two gates    SB 4.25.48
  tābhyām—with both of them    SB 4.25.54
  tābhyām—through the eyes    SB 4.29.10
  tābhyām—with them    SB 4.29.15
  tābhyām—by the wind and fire    SB 6.4.6
  tābhyām—by the two young demigods    SB 10.10.39

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing tabhyam.