Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sveda

  sveda—perspiration    SB 3.7.27, SB 5.16.25, SB 5.24.13, Adi 7.89-90, Adi 8.27, Madhya 3.115, Madhya 3.123, Madhya 4.202, Madhya 6.208, Madhya 6.229 (and more...)
  sveda—perspiring    Madhya 12.217
  sveda-ja—with creatures born from sweat    SB 3.31.26
  sveda-jala—water from perspiration    Adi 5.96
  sveda-jale—by emitting the water of perspiration    Madhya 20.286
  sveda-jam—one born from perspiration    SB 5.18.32
  sveda-janitaiḥ—produced from the perspiration    Madhya 21.50

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