Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: svarupena

  svarupena—in pure existence    SB 3.9.33
  svarupena—with these features    SB 5.9.3
  svarupena—with one's own eternal form    Madhya 24.135

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: svarupena

  cakravata-svarupena—in the form of a whirlwind    SB 10.7.20
  kamadeva-svarupena—in the form of Kamadeva (Cupid or Pradyumna)    SB 5.18.15
  ubhaya-anubhava-svarupena—by understanding the proper situation of the body and the soul    SB 5.5.30
  atma-svarupena—by His expansion as the Supersoul    SB 5.11.13-14
  atma-svarupena—by His original constitutional position as the Supersoul    SB 7.6.20-23