Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: svarga

  svarga—the heavenly planets    SB 4.24.37, SB 5.20.45
  svarga—heavenly planet    Bg 2.32
  svarga—heaven    SB 2.3.2-7
  svarga—elevation to the heavenly planets    SB-4.21.30
  svarga—heavenly    SB 5.2.18
  svarga—in the higher planetary systems    SB 6.17.28
  svarga—creation    SB 7.7.24
  svarga—to the heavenly planets    SB 7.13.25
  svarga—in the heavenly planetary system    Madhya 9.270
  svarga—the heavenly kingdom    Madhya 19.215
  svarga—in heavenly planets    Madhya 19.216

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: svarga

  bhaumani svarga-padani—as the heavenly places on earth    SB 5.17.11
  svarga-apavarga-adhipateh—able to bestow happiness obtainable by living in the heavenly kingdom. by liberation, or by enjoyment of material comfort and then liberation    SB 5.5.25
  svarga-apavarga-kamanam—who are desirous of achieving heavenly planets or liberation    SB 5.8.23
  svarga-apavargayoh—of the heavenly planets and liberation    SB 5.3.13
  svarga-apavargayoh—of elevation to the heavenly planets or liberation from material bondage    SB 8.23.22-23
  svarga-dvaram—the gateway to the heavenly planets    SB 5.20.3-4
  svarga-karmani—in the creation of the universal affairs    SB 6.4.49-50
  svarga-kamah—desiring the heavenly planets.    SB 6.11.15
  svarga-lokam—heaven    Bg 9.21
  svarga-martya—in heaven, the sky and the land    Adi 7.159
  svarga-martya—the upper and lower planetary systems    Madhya 12.198
  svarga-martya bhari—overwhelming all the universe.    Madhya 25.65
  svarga-parah—aiming to achieve heavenly planets    Bg 2.42-43
  svarga-sukha-avasesitam—whatever remains after the enjoyment of heavenly happiness    SB 5.19.28
  svarga-apaga—of the Ganges water flowing in the heavenly planets    Antya 1.92