Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: svare

  svare—in the vibration    SB 7.15.53
  svare—in a voice    Adi 17.181

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: svare

  uccaih-svare—very loudly    Madhya 11.225, Madhya 12.148, Madhya 17.205
  gadgada-svare—in a faltering voice.    Madhya 19.105
  gambhira-svare—deep voice    Madhya 17.206
  kantha-svare—in his original voice.    Antya 2.153-154
  nija-svare—with the vibration of the flute    Antya 16.127
  su-madhura svare—in very sweet language.    Antya 3.111
  su-svare—in a voice    Madhya 3.126
  sumadhura-svare—in a very sweet voice    Antya 13.79
  uccaih-svare—loudly    Madhya 13.114
  uccaih-svare gaya—sings very loudly.    Madhya 18.73