Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: svanam

  svānām—of His own devotees    SB 1.8.13, SB 3.15.42, SB 3.24.29
  svanam—the sound    SB 5.2.5, SB 9.16.14
  svānām—of the kinsmen    SB 1.7.58, SB 1.12.20
  svānām—of His own associates    SB 3.15.15, SB 10.12.25
  svānām—of the friends    SB 1.7.25
  svānām—of the relatives    SB 1.8.1
  svānām—according to one's liberated position    SB 2.8.5
  svānām—his own    SB 3.1.25
  svānām—of His own servants    SB 3.15.37
  svānām—his relatives    SB 3.30.18
  svānām—of relatives    SB 4.3.19
  svānām—whose own devotees    SB 4.22.16
  svānām—of Your devotees    SB 4.24.44
  svānām—who am yours    SB 4.26.23
  svānām—own    SB 4.31.30
  svānām—of his own kind    SB 5.8.20
  svānām—their own    SB 5.26.5
  svānām—of my own men    SB 6.3.30
  svānām—unto His own devotees    SB 6.9.26-27
  svānām—His own persons    SB 8.5.23
  svānām—of his own family members    SB 9.10.29
  svānām—to the family members and the citizens    SB 9.11.25
  svānām—of his own    SB 9.18.29
  svānām—own families    Adi 4.176
  mahā-svanam—a loud sound    SB 8.15.23
  svānām ca—of His own relatives, the gopīs and other intimate friends    SB 10.11.8

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