Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: svabhave

  svabhave—by nature    Adi 7.87, Adi 7.88, Antya 14.39
  svabhave—in the nature.    Adi 4.19
  svabhave—in a natural inclination    Adi 6.82
  svabhave—nature.    Madhya 9.25
  svabhave—by Your nature    Madhya 12.29

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: svabhave

  asura-svabhave—those whose nature is demoniac    Adi 3.90
  deha-svabhave—by the nature of the body    Antya 15.6
  priti-svabhave—according to one's affection    Antya 4.171
  sva-svabhave—by their own characteristics    Madhya 14.152
  vamya-svabhave—because of left-wing character    Madhya 14.162