Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: suvarna

  suvarṇa—of gold    Adi 3.49, Madhya 10.170
  suvarṇa—golden    Madhya 10.42, Madhya 13.15
  suvarṇa—gold    Adi 13.116
  suvarṇa apāra—a large quantity of gold.    Madhya 18.164
  suvarṇa mohara—golden coins    Madhya 20.27
  suvarṇa-kuṇḍala—gold earrings    Adi 5.186
  suvarṇa-parvata—a golden mountain    Madhya 13.85
  suvarṇa-puṅkhāḥ—(arrows) with golden shafts    SB 4.11.3
  suvarṇa-sadana—golden throne    Adi 8.50
  suvarṇa-thālīra—on golden plates    Madhya 6.42
  suvarṇa-varṇaḥ—whose complexion is like gold    Madhya 6.104

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