Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sutra

  sutra—synopsis    Adi 14.96, Adi 15.3, Adi 17.3, Adi 17.274, Madhya 1.90, Madhya 1.91, Madhya 1.248
  sutra—the Vedanta-sutra    Adi 7.108, Madhya 6.169
  sutra—aphorisms    Adi 13.29, Adi 13.45
  sutra—notes    Adi 13.17
  sutra—in summary    Adi 14.3
  sutra—of a synopsis    Madhya 2.1
  sutra—sacred thread    Madhya 10.108
  sutra—codes    Madhya 24.345
  sutra—the codes    Madhya 25.53

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sutra

  sutra-gana—the synopsis    Madhya 1.8, Madhya 1.14, Madhya 2.89
  sutra-rupe—in the form of a synopsis    Adi 13.7, Madhya 4.7, Madhya 19.136
  samana-sutra-nipate—at the diametrically opposite point    SB 5.21.8-9, SB 5.21.8-9
  sutra kari—making a synopsis    Adi 8.45, Madhya 24.326
  sutra-madhye—in the synopsis    Madhya 13.132, Madhya 16.214-215
  antya-lila-sutra-gana—a synopsis of the antya-lila    Antya 1.10
  brahma-sutra—the Vedanta    Bg 13.5
  balya-lila-sutra—synopsis of the pastimes of childhood    Adi 14.95
  sesa-lilara sutra-gana—the codes of the Antya-lila, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's pastimes at the end    Madhya 25.243
  sula-sutra-adisu—on a lance, thread, and so on    SB 5.26.32
  ei sutra—these notes    Madhya 2.92
  grantha-sutra—the synopsis of the pastimes    Antya 1.12
  kari eka sutra—by some means.    Antya 6.30
  kati-sutra—girdle    SB 5.3.3
  kati-sutra—belts    SB 5.16.20-21
  kati-sutra-anguli-yakaih—with sacred belts around the waist and with rings on the fingers.    SB 10.13.47-48
  sei sutra—that synopsis    Adi 5.231
  sutra kari—in the form of notes    Adi 13.16
  sutra kariya—in codes.    Madhya 18.224
  sutra likhi—I write a synopsis    Adi 13.51
  sutra-anubandha—chronological synopsis    Adi 16.4
  sutra-artha—the meaning of the Brahma-sutra, or Vedanta philosophy    Madhya 25.47
  sutra-artha—the meanings of the sutras    Madhya 25.92
  sutra-srutira—of the Vedic philosophy, the Brahma-sutra    Madhya 25.153
  sutra-dhrta—taking the aphorisms    Adi 8.47
  sutra-dhara—wire-puller    Madhya 7.18
  sutra-dhara—the puller of the strings    Madhya 8.132
  sutra-gana—notes    Adi 13.47
  sutra-gana—synopsis    Madhya 1.10
  sutra-gana—a synopsis    Madhya 1.286
  sutra-karta—maker of short codes    Antya 14.10
  sutra-madhye—in the form of a synopsis    Madhya 2.91
  sutra-madhyei kahilun—I have already stated within the synopsis.    Madhya 1.9
  sutra-matra—only the synopsis    Madhya 1.9
  sutra-matra—the synopsis only    Madhya 1.11-12
  sutra-matra kaila—prepared only the synopsis.    Antya 20.73
  sutra-naddham—bound with a belt    SB 10.9.3
  sutra-prakasa—manifestation of the synopsis.    Adi 15.31
  sutra-rupe—in the form of notes    Adi 13.15
  sutra-sakala—all the aphorisms of the Vedanta-sutra.    Adi 7.137
  sutra-upanisadera—of the Vedanta-sutra and the Upanisads    Madhya 25.26
  sutra-vrtti-gana—the aphorisms and their definitions.    Adi 15.5
  sutra-yantritah—bound by rope    SB 5.17.22-23
  vedanta-sutra—the philosophy of Vedanta-sutra    Adi 7.106
  yajna-sutra—sacred thread    Adi 5.123
  yei sutra-karta—the person who has made the Vedanta-sutra    Madhya 25.93