Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: surya

  surya—the sun    SB 3.8.31, SB 10.7.35-36, Adi 1.97, Adi 2.13, Adi 2.27, Madhya 1.280, Madhya 3.110
  surya—sun    Bg 11.12, Bg 11.19, Adi 1.102, Adi 2.19, Adi 7.60
  surya—of the sun    SB 5.20.43, Madhya 20.387
  surya—as the sun    SB 4.22.1
  surya—suns    Adi 1.85-86
  surya—the sun-god    Adi 2.25
  surya—of the name Surya    Adi 11.48
  surya—like the sun    Madhya 23.5
  surya—the sun    SB 5.24.2

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: surya

  surya-vat—like the sun-god    SB 4.16.6, SB 4.22.56
  koti surya—hundreds of thousands of suns    Antya 6.44
  koti-surya-sama—equal to the shining of millions of suns    Madhya 11.95
  surya vina—without the sun    Madhya 25.117
  surya yena—exactly like the sun    Madhya 20.159
  surya-amsa—part and parcel of the sun    Madhya 20.108-109
  surya-ahe—on the day of the sun (Sunday)    Antya 20.157
  surya-candra—the sun and the moon    Adi 1.88-89
  surya-sata—hundreds of suns    Madhya 8.18
  surya-dvarena—through the path of illumination    SB 3.32.7
  surya-kanyayam—in the womb of the daughter of the sun-god    SB 9.22.4-5
  surya-mandala—the sun globe    Adi 5.34
  surya-mandale—the sun globe    SB 5.7.13
  surya-mandalat—from the sun globe    SB 7.10.58
  surya-rasmibhih—with the dazzling illumination of the sunshine    SB 8.10.13-15
  surya-rathasya—of the chariot of the sun-god    SB 5.20.30
  surya-sama—like the sun planet    Madhya 22.31
  surya-sutam—the chariot driver of the sun-god    SB 6.6.21-22
  surya-udaya haite—beginning from the sunrise    Madhya 20.389
  surya-upama—compared to the sun.    Madhya 18.112
  surya-upama—like the sun    Antya 1.173
  surya-vamsam—the descendants of the sun-god    SB 9.12.6
  surya-varcasam—beautiful and effulgent like the sun.    SB 9.3.18
  surya-varcasah—with a bodily effulgence like the effulgence of the sun    SB 9.3.16
  surya-adinam—of the sun planet    SB 5.20.37
  surya-adinam—headed by the sun    SB 5.22.2
  tri-surya-drk—as bright as three suns combined    SB 4.5.3