Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sunya

  sunya—vacant    Madhya 15.75, Madhya 15.77, Antya 3.35
  sunya—void    Antya 14.51, Antya 20.41
  sunya—without    Madhya 19.137
  sunya—devoid of    Antya 7.122
  sunya—completely devoid    NoI 5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sunya

  sunya ghata—an empty waterpot    Madhya 12.108
  sunya kene pata—why is the dish empty    Madhya 15.59
  sunya vana—the solitary forest    Madhya 17.62-63
  sunya-agaresu—in secluded places    SB 3.24.28
  sunya-aranye—in the isolated forest    SB 5.14.20
  sunya-hate—in the vacant marketplace    Madhya 4.125
  sunya-kalpitam—imagined to be void by less intelligent men    SB 9.9.49
  sunya-kunja-mandapa-kone—in the corner of a pavilion in a solitary garden    Antya 14.50
  sunya-pade—on the naked legs    Adi 14.79
  sunya-patra dekhi—seeing the dish empty    Madhya 15.58
  sunya-sthala—the vacant place    Madhya 9.314
  sunya-toya-hrada-udaram—whose abdomen was like a lake without water    SB 10.6.15-17
  garva-sunya—without pride.    Antya 5.140
  himsa-sunya haya—one becomes nonviolent and nonenvious    Madhya 24.272
  jala-sunya—without water    Madhya 15.76
  jiva-sunya—devoid of living entities    Antya 3.77
  jnana-sunya bhakti—devotional service independent of logic and empiric philosophy    Madhya 8.66
  pitr-sunya—without his father    Antya 3.3
  rasa-sunya—without juice    Madhya 21.133
  ratna-sunya—without the valuable jewel    Antya 11.97
  ubhaya-artha-sunya—which cannot give happiness either in this life or in the next    SB 5.14.12