Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sukhaya

  sukhaya—for happiness    SB 3.8.2, SB 5.1.13, SB 6.16.60, Madhya 8.69
  sukhaya—for attaining happiness    SB 3.5.2
  sukhaya—for the happiness    SB 6.17.23
  sukhaya—for achieving happiness by a so-called higher standard of life    SB 7.7.42
  sukhaya—for the sake of pleasure, specifically the pleasure of sex life    SB 7.13.26

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sukhaya

  maya-sukhaya—for temporary, illusory happiness    SB 7.9.43
  atma-sukhaya—for personal satisfaction by such pastimes    SB 7.9.13