Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sukara

  sukara—hogs    Adi 10.83
  sukara—a boar    Madhya 24.232
  sukara—boar    SB 3.13.21
  sukara—appearing in the form of a boar    SB 3.19.37

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sukara

  sukara-gana—boars    Madhya 17.26
  sukara-mrga—boars and other animals    Madhya 24.240
  sukara-mukham—Sukaramukha    SB 5.26.7
  sukara-adayah—the boar and other forms    SB 3.33.5
  sukara-akrte—the form of a boar.    SB 3.18.3
  sukara-atmanah—of the boar incarnation    SB 3.14.1