Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: suhrt

  suhṛt—well-wishers    SB 1.8.49, SB 1.9.15, SB 1.11.7, SB 1.13.21, SB 1.13.33, SB 1.14.4, SB 3.1.27, SB 3.1.41, SB 7.2.6, SB 7.10.49
  suhṛt—friends    SB 1.14.24, SB 4.9.12, SB 4.13.48, SB 5.24.8, SB 5.24.29, Antya 6.137
  suhṛt—the well-wisher    SB 4.20.20, SB 7.15.76
  suhṛt—friend    SB 6.2.36-37, SB 7.1.1
  suhṛt—by nature a well-wisher    Bg 6.9
  suhṛt—most intimate friend    Bg 9.18
  suhṛt—benefactor    SB 1.2.17
  suhṛt—kinsmen    SB 3.1.21
  suhṛt—a well-wisher    SB 3.4.9
  suhṛt—relatives    SB 3.9.6
  suhṛt—well-wishing friend    SB 3.9.12
  suhṛt—intimate friend    SB 3.20.2
  suhṛt—dear    SB 3.23.6
  suhṛt—of a friend    SB 5.2.7
  suhṛt—and friends    SB 5.8.9
  suhṛt—friends and well-wishers    SB 5.14.43
  suhṛt—the best well-wisher and friend.    SB 7.6.2
  suhṛt—and constant well-wisher    SB 8.11.13
  suhṛt—the most well-wishing friend    SB 8.24.52
  suhṛt—a friend    Madhya 22.163
  suhṛt—the friend    Antya 1.175
  suḥrt—friends    Madhya 23.25
  suhṛt-tamaḥ—the best friend    SB 5.19.6, SB 7.4.31-32
  suhṛt-vṛtaḥ—surrounded by friends.    SB 1.14.34, SB 10.5.26
  bhakta-suhṛt—well-wisher of the devotees    Madhya 23.74
  parama-suhṛt—everyone’s sublime well-wisher    SB 5.5.28
  sarva-bhūta-suhṛt—friendly to all living entities    SB 6.1.56-57
  sarva-bhūta-suhṛt—becoming a well-wisher of all living entities    SB 7.13.3
  sarva-bhūta-suhṛt—the friend of all living entities    SB 8.7.36
  sarva-bhūta-suhṛt samaḥ—because of being a devotee, friendly and equal to everyone    SB 9.2.11-13
  sarva-bhūta-suhṛt-ātmā—who was thus the friend of all living entities    SB 5.10.8
  sarva-sattva-suhṛt-ātmanām—of persons who in their hearts always wish well to all living entities    SB 5.9.20
  sarva-suhṛt—the friend of everyone    SB 8.24.30
  suhṛt ekaḥ—the one friend and philosopher    SB 3.9.22
  suhṛt-śucaḥ—the grief of my kinsmen.    SB 3.18.4
  suhṛt-didṛkṣavaḥ—desiring to meet the relatives    SB 4.3.9
  suhṛt-didṛkṣayā—for meeting them    SB 1.11.9
  suhṛt-didṛkṣuḥ—being anxious to see her relatives    SB 4.4.1
  suhṛt-didṛkṣā—of the desire to see her relatives    SB 4.4.2
  suhṛt-janāḥ—allies    SB 6.15.21-23
  suhṛt-liṅga-dharaḥ—who has assumed the role of a friend    SB 7.5.38
  suhṛt-priyaḥ—dear to the relatives    SB 4.3.15
  suhṛt-pure—in the city of Dvārakā    SB 1.15.22-23
  suhṛt-rūpam—pretending to be a friend    SB 9.19.8
  suhṛt-tama—most beloved    SB 3.15.31
  suhṛt-tama—O best of friends    SB 5.2.12
  suhṛt-tama—the best of friends    Antya 19.43
  suhṛt-tamam—ardent well-wisher    SB 1.9.20
  suhṛt-tamam—unto the greatest of all friends.    SB 4.30.21
  suhṛt-tamaḥ—best of friends    Antya 19.35
  suhṛt-tamena—the best of our friends    SB 7.2.34
  suhṛt-tamāḥ—more dear    Antya 1.152
  suhṛt-vadham—killing of his family members.    SB 9.16.8
  suhṛt-vṛtaḥ—surrounded by your friends and relatives    SB 6.16.3
  tyakta-jñāti-suhṛt—my relatives and friends have been rejected by me    SB 10.4.16
  viśva-suhṛt—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is a friend to everyone    SB 5.10.25

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