Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: suhrdam

  suhṛdām—of friends and relatives    SB 1.15.22-23, SB 3.4.23, SB 9.19.27-28
  suhṛdam—benefactor    Bg 5.29
  suhṛdam—friends    SB 1.11.4-5
  suhṛdam—always a well-wisher    SB 4.28.25
  suhṛdam—the greatest friend    SB 6.12.19
  suhṛdām—of the friends    SB 1.8.47
  suhṛdām—relatives    SB 1.10.7
  suhṛdām—for the sake of the relatives    SB 1.12.35
  suhṛdām—of Your friends    SB 3.18.27
  suhṛdām—of his friends    SB 4.16.18
  suhṛdām—of friends    SB 10.5.25
  viśva-suhṛdam—the friend of the whole world    SB 4.6.35

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