Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sudra

  sudra—a sudra    Madhya 8.128, Antya 13.97
  sudra—the laboring class    SB 1.4.25
  sudra—the lower caste    SB 1.17.3
  sudra—the laborer class of men    SB 2.7.46
  sudra—born of a sudra family    Adi 7.45
  sudra—the fourth social division    Madhya 7.63
  sudra—belonging to the sudra community    Madhya 8.21
  sudra—fourth-class men    Madhya 24.190
  sudra—a fourth-class man    Antya 5.84

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sudra

  sudra-adhama—worse than a sudra, or fourth-class man.    Madhya 8.35
  sudra-kulam—the society of sudras    SB 5.14.30
  sudra-maha-jana—devotees born in families other than brahmana    Madhya 17.60
  sudra-sevaka—a servant who is a sudra    Madhya 10.136
  sudra-taditam—being beaten by a sudra.    SB 1.17.2
  sudra-vaisnavera—of Vaisnavas born in sudra families    Antya 16.13
  stri-sudra-adibhih api—even by women, sudras, etc.    SB 1.4.28-29
  ami sudra—I belong to the fourth class of the social divisions    Madhya 10.54