Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: suddhah

  śuddhaḥ—pure    SB 4.20.7, Adi 4.131
  śuddhaḥ—free from all contaminated activities    SB 5.11.2
  śuddhaḥ—purified    SB 5.11.12
  śuddhaḥ—with no material tinge    SB 7.2.22
  śuddhaḥ—without the material contamination of attachment and detachment    SB 7.7.19-20
  śuddhaḥ—Śuddha    SB 8.13.34
  śuddhaḥ—a son known as Śuddha    SB 9.17.11
  śuddhaḥ—pure, without material contamination    Madhya 17.133
  śuddhāḥ—cleansed, purified    SB 4.12.37

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing suddhah.