Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: suddha

  śuddha—pure    Adi 4.175, Adi 4.209, Adi 4.271-272, Adi 10.145, Madhya 8.51-52, Madhya 10.114, Madhya 17.107, Antya 7.31, Antya 7.142, Antya 7.144 (and more...)
  śuddha—purified    Adi 8.42, Adi 13.120, Madhya 17.123, Madhya 22.29, Madhya 22.107
  śuddha—transcendental    Adi 7.10, Madhya 13.173
  śuddha—pure, transcendental    SB 4.23.11
  śuddha—pure.    Adi 16.64
  śuddha-bhakti—pure devotional service.    Madhya 13.54, Madhya 19.169, Madhya 24.188, Antya 20.27, Antya 20.30
  śuddha-prema—unalloyed love    Madhya 2.49, Madhya 19.203, Antya 7.39, Antya 7.41
  śuddha-bhakta—pure devotees    Adi 4.27-28, Adi 7.16
  śuddha-bhāve—in pure consciousness    Antya 7.30, Antya 7.30
  ati-śuddha-matiḥ—whose completely pure consciousness (full realization that the body and mind are separate from the soul)    SB 5.15.7
  śuddha bhāva—unalloyed love.    Antya 7.37
  śuddha haila—became purified    Antya 3.252-253
  śuddha kare—purifies    Madhya 22.143
  śuddha karāite—just to make pure    Madhya 8.238
  śuddha kevala-prema—pure unalloyed affection    Madhya 11.147
  śuddha kṛpā—pure mercy    Antya 9.139
  śuddha nahe—not purified    Madhya 8.51-52
  śuddha preme—by pure devotional service    Madhya 15.68
  śuddha-aśuddha—sometimes correct and sometimes not correct    Madhya 9.98
  śuddha-bhakta—the pure devotee    Adi 4.204
  śuddha-bhakta—a pure devotee    Antya 9.75
  śuddha-bhakti—pure devotion    Adi 4.21-22
  śuddha-bhakti—unalloyed devotional service    Adi 17.310
  śuddha-bhakti—pure devotional service without material contaminations    Madhya 19.166
  śuddha-bhakti pāya—one obtains the platform of pure devotional life.    Madhya 24.97
  śuddha-bhakti-kārya—the matter of pure devotional service.    Madhya 12.193
  śuddha-bhaktimān—pure devotees.    Madhya 24.96
  śuddha-bhaktira—of pure devotional service    Madhya 19.166
  śuddha-bhāve—in a purified state of mind    Adi 3.101
  śuddha-bhāve—in complete purity    Antya 6.296
  śuddha-bhāvena—pure    SB 3.28.19
  śuddha-bhāvena—by the good behavior    SB 6.18.77
  śuddha-bhāvena—in a pure state of mind    SB 8.16.59
  śuddha-cetasaḥ—of purified consciousness.    SB 3.32.5
  śuddha-dāsya-rasa—the pure and unalloyed mellow of service    Madhya 2.78
  śuddha-gaṅgā-jala—the pure water of the Ganges    Madhya 2.48
  śuddha-michari—rock candy    Madhya 23.43
  śuddha-prema-gandha—a scent of pure devotional love    Madhya 2.46
  śuddha-prema-jñāne—knowledge of pure devotional service.    Madhya 9.307
  śuddha-preme—in pure uncontaminated love    Madhya 14.156
  śuddha-preme—in pure devotional service    Madhya 14.217
  śuddha-preme—pure love    Antya 3.38
  śuddha-premera taraṅga—waves of pure devotional service    Antya 3.19
  śuddha-rasa—pure transcendental mellows    Madhya 14.230
  śuddha-sakhya—pure friendship    Adi 6.76
  śuddha-sakhya—pure fraternity    Madhya 2.78
  śuddha-sakhye—in pure friendship    Adi 4.25
  śuddha-sattva—śuddha-sattva (pure existence)    Adi 4.64
  śuddha-sattva—by unadultered goodness    Madhya 23.5
  śuddha-sattva nāma—named śuddha-sattva, pure existence, free from material contamination    Adi 5.43
  śuddha-sattva-maya—of purely spiritual existence    Adi 5.43
  śuddha-sattvera—of the śuddha-sattva    Adi 4.65
  śuddha-sattvānām—whose minds are purified    SB 6.14.2
  śuddha-udāḥ—and drinking water    SB 5.1.33
  śuddha-vaiṣṇava—pure Vaiṣṇavas    Antya 6.198
  śuddha-vraja-vāsī—a pure inhabitant of Vṛndāvana    Madhya 14.217
  śuddha-vātsalye—in transcendental paternal love    Adi 6.55-56
  vi-śuddha—spiritually purified    Madhya 24.37

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