Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: subha

  çubha—good    Bg 2.57, Bg 9.28
  çubha—auspicious    Bg 12.17
  çubhä—all-auspicious.    Madhya 21.50

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: subha

  çubha samäcära—this auspicious news    Madhya 10.73
  çubha-açubha—auspicious or inauspicious    Adi 1.94
  çubha-açubha—the materially auspicious and inauspicious    Madhya 23.110
  çubha-açubha-vivecanaù—who discriminates between what is auspicious and inauspicious.    SB 6.3.7
  çubha-arthe—for the sake of the Lord    SB 2.1.18
  çubha-dåñöi—auspicious glance    Madhya 1.282
  çubha-karma—pious activities    Madhya 23.29
  çubha-kñaëa—auspicious moment    Adi 13.88
  çubha-kñaëa—an auspicious constellation.    Adi 13.89
  çubha-kåt—very auspicious to the inhabitants of the universe    SB 5.22.13
  çubha-värtä—auspicious news    Madhya 9.284
  sarva-çubha-udaya—awakening of all good fortune    Antya 20.11