Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: strinam

  strīṇām—of the women    SB 1.8.51, SB 3.2.34, SB 3.14.36, SB 3.14.40, SB 4.22.63, SB 7.15.70, SB 9.15.22
  strīṇām—of women    SB 3.30.8, SB 4.29.54, SB 6.18.41, SB 7.11.25, SB 9.14.36, Madhya 11.11
  strīṇām—all the ladies    SB 1.10.20
  strīṇām—of the fair sex    SB 1.19.28
  strīṇām—to women    SB 6.18.42
  strīṇām—by the women    SB 9.6.41-42
  strīṇām—of a woman    SB 9.14.21
  puṇyajana-strīṇām—of the wives of the Yakṣas    SB 4.6.30
  sa-strīṇām—as along with their own wives    SB 8.8.26
  strīṇām ca—and of women    SB 8.9.10
  sura-strīṇām—to the celestial women of the heavenly planets    SB 9.6.41-42
  vraja-strīṇām—of all the ladies of Vraja    SB 10.8.27

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