Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: stribhih

  strébhiù—by women    SB 2.7.3, SB 4.25.44, SB 6.18.33-34, SB 7.15.72, SB 9.9.40
  strébhiù—the maidservants    SB 3.23.34
  strébhiù—by many beautiful women    SB 6.8.39
  strébhiù—by other women    SB 9.1.34
  strébhiù—by the women    SB 9.10.44
  strébhiù—by the gopés    SB 10.8.31

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: stribhih

  guru-strébhiù—by the wife of the spiritual master    SB 7.12.8
  puëyajana-strébhiù—by the wives of the Yakñas    SB 4.6.27
  sa-strébhiù—along with their wives    SB 3.22.33
  vidyädhara-strébhiù—with the women of the Vidyädhara planet    SB 6.17.2-3