Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: stri

  stri—women    SB 6.2.9-10, SB 9.6.45-46, SB 10.10.8, Adi 7.25, Madhya 3.138, Madhya 7.81, Madhya 9.135, Madhya 18.121-122, Madhya 24.190, Antya 12.42
  stri—woman    SB 4.8.12, SB 4.28.56, SB 8.3.22-24, Antya 13.80, Antya 14.24, Antya 17.31
  stri—wife    Madhya 5.36, Madhya 5.41, Madhya 18.90, Antya 6.39, Antya 12.71
  stri—female    SB 4.1.4, SB 4.29.29, SB 9.1.38-39
  stri—the woman    SB 3.12.54, Antya 13.83
  stri—a woman    SB 6.19.25, SB 10.8.8-9
  stri—of women    SB 7.7.17, SB 8.15.20
  stri—the woman class    SB 1.4.25
  stri—such as women    SB 2.7.46
  stri—with women    SB 3.3.21
  stri—wives    SB 4.12.16
  stri—by women    SB 6.13.5
  stri—the wife    Madhya 25.193

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: stri

  deva-stri—of the damsels of the demigods    SB 8.2.8
  ka stri—who is that woman    Madhya 24.56
  stri gaya—a woman is singing    Antya 13.83
  stri kahe—the wife replied    Madhya 25.192
  stri-avalekha—to glance over a woman or to paint a womanís picture    SB 7.12.12
  stri-bhava-prakasa—exhibition of feminine postures.    Antya 3.246
  stri-bhavah—transformation into a female    SB 5.17.15
  stri-sudra-adibhih api—even by women, sudras, etc.    SB 1.4.28-29
  stri-darasana—meeting a woman    Madhya 11.7
  stri-dhana—women    Madhya 9.227
  stri-dharman—duties of women    SB 1.9.27
  stri-gana—of females    SB 5.17.16
  stri-gana—the women    Madhya 4.30
  stri-gana—all the women    Madhya 4.56
  stri-gane—all the ladies    Madhya 16.117
  stri-ganera—of the ladies of Vrndavana    Madhya 24.57
  stri-ganah—varieties of women    SB 5.24.16
  stri-janaih—with women    SB 10.10.2-3
  stri-jitasya—conquered by a woman    SB 4.8.67
  stri-jitah—conquered by women    SB 4.27.18
  stri-jati—belonging to the class of women    Antya 15.38
  stri-krtam—obtained because of His wife    SB 5.19.6
  stri-kama—O you who have lusty desires for women    SB 9.18.36
  stri-kamah—one who desires a good wife    SB 2.3.2-7
  stri-kamah—attached to sex life    SB 4.2.23
  stri-mayyah—in the shape of a woman    SB 3.31.38
  stri-nirjitesu—men who are henpecked, controlled by women    SB 7.12.6
  stri-nama—the word "woman"    Antya 13.84
  stri-parasa haile—if I had touched a woman    Antya 13.85
  stri-preksana—by glancing at that beautiful woman    SB 8.12.22
  stri-pumsoh—between the husband and wife    SB 9.19.26
  stri-pum—male and female    SB 1.4.5
  stri-pum-prasangah—attraction between husband and wife, or man and woman    SB 9.11.17
  stri-pumbhih—by men and women    SB 9.11.31-34
  stri-puruse—husband and wife    Madhya 24.275
  stri-put—wife and children.    Antya 18.55
  stri-putra—wife and sons    Madhya 5.26
  stri-putra—wife and children    Madhya 5.69
  stri-putra—his wife and children    Antya 3.161
  stri-putra-dhane—with wives, sons and wealth    Madhya 13.157
  stri-ratna—woman who is competent to become a wife of the Lord    SB 1.11.35
  stri-ratna—of the gopis    Adi 4.116
  stri-ratnaih—by beautiful women    SB 9.15.20
  stri-ratnani—beautiful wives    SB 7.8.47
  stri-rupaya—appearance like a woman    SB 8.12.38
  stri-saba—all the women    Madhya 4.30
  stri-sahasra—by a thousand maids    SB 3.23.35
  stri-sahasrena—with thousands of other women    SB 9.18.29
  stri-sangatah—from attachment to a woman    SB 3.31.41
  stri-sangi—who associates with women for sense gratification    Madhya 22.87
  stri-sanginam—of persons attracted to or connected with women    SB 9.10.11
  stri-sambhasane—talk with women.    Antya 2.144
  stri-sukham—the happiness of sexual intercourse    SB 9.9.38
  stri-vivada—disagreeing with a woman    SB 8.9.22
  sura-stri—of the women of the demigods    SB 8.15.18
  tara stri—his wife    Madhya 25.190