Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sthitam

  sthitam—situated    Bg 13.17, SB 2.2.20, SB 3.9.32, SB 4.13.31, SB 5.17.21, SB 9.9.46
  sthitam—so situated    Bg 5.19
  sthitam—situated in the body    Bg 15.10
  sthitam—being fixed    SB 1.2.19
  sthitam—situated.    SB 3.2.31
  sthitam—standing    SB 3.28.19
  sthitam—sitting    SB 3.28.37
  sthitam—having been placed    SB 4.4.25
  sthitam—although situated    SB 7.2.40
  sthitam—situated on    SB 7.4.14

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sthitam

  bahih-sthitam—externally situated    SB 4.9.2
  sici sthitam—situated in the butter pot hanging on the swing    SB 10.9.8
  purah sthitam—as it is just before us all    SB 10.12.19
  purah-sthitam—standing before him    SB 8.11.3
  purah-sthitam—situated in front of him    SB 10.13.59
  sarva-bhuta-sthitam—situated in everyone's heart    Bg 6.31
  vrsa-sthitam—seated upon his bull    SB 9.18.9