Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sthanani

  sthānāni—places    SB 1.17.38, SB 1.17.40, SB 3.12.8
  sthānāni—all these places    SB 3.12.11
  sthānāni—as well as places    SB 3.12.14
  sthānāni—to their own places    SB 7.3.3
  sthānāni—the places    SB 7.4.5-7
  sthānāni—in different places    SB 10.2.11-12
  jīva-sthānāni—the living entity’s different conditions of existence    SB 6.16.53-54
  upabhoga-sthānāni—the places for material enjoyment    SB 5.17.11

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