Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sthana

  sthana—place    Adi 4.65, Adi 5.95, Adi 17.44, Madhya 10.19, Madhya 11.166, Madhya 11.184, Madhya 12.107, Madhya 15.275, Antya 6.69
  sthana—the place    Adi 17.37-38, Madhya 15.63, Madhya 19.60
  sthana—places    SB 1.18.26, Antya 4.211
  sthana—maintenance    SB 4.30.23, SB 7.7.24
  sthana—abode    Adi 7.113, Madhya 21.8
  sthana—place.    Adi 7.123, Madhya 10.132
  sthana—exist    SB 1.5.20
  sthana—its maintenance    SB 2.4.12
  sthana—of a residential house    SB 5.13.12
  sthana—of the maintenance    SB 5.18.5
  sthana—favorable place    Adi 7.23
  sthana—the pace    Madhya 1.105
  sthana—the proper place    Madhya 2.18
  sthana—situation.    Madhya 12.191
  sthana—standing    Madhya 14.187
  sthana—the place for offering    Antya 3.37
  sthana—that place    Antya 3.232
  vasa-sthana—residential places    Madhya 16.20, Antya 3.152, Antya 12.32
  eka-sthana—one place    Antya 13.40, Antya 13.69
  sthana-abhilasi—desiring a very high position in the material world    Madhya 22.42, Madhya 24.219
  tanra sthana—to his place.    Antya 8.18, Antya 16.14
  vasa-sthana—residential quarters    Madhya 1.139, Antya 12.18
  alpa sthana—insufficient place    Madhya 11.131
  anya sthana—to another place    Antya 19.48
  e-sthana—this place    Antya 3.134
  janma-sthana—the place of birth    Madhya 9.294
  janma-sthana—birth site    Madhya 18.67
  janma-sthana—the birthplace of Lord Krsna    Madhya 18.69
  lavanya-amrta-janma-sthana—the birthplace of the nectar of beauty    Madhya 2.29
  mahaprabhura sthana—to the place of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Antya 12.36
  nija-sthana—to their homes.    Antya 15.94
  nirjana sthana—very solitary place    Madhya 6.65
  nahika sthana—there was no place    Madhya 20.285
  priya-sthana—very dear place    Antya 4.81
  sei sthana—that place    Antya 13.70
  sthana jhadi—cleansing the place    Madhya 24.271
  sthana lepi—mopping that place    Madhya 4.131
  sthana na pana—not having gotten a place    Antya 6.68
  sthana-asthana—a suitable place or unsuitable place    Madhya 2.21
  sthana-asthana—the proper place or improper place    Madhya 2.81
  sthana-asthana—a proper place or not.    Madhya 4.22
  sthana-asthana—proper or improper place    Madhya 13.140
  sthana-cyavanat—from falling from a position    SB 8.20.5
  sthana-jayat—than achievement of the place or planetary systems    SB 5.19.23
  sthana-traya—the three conditions of life (deep sleep, dreaming and wakefulness)    SB 6.16.61-62
  sthana-vibhagah—the division of the places they were to hold    SB 8.7.5
  sthana-agatam—going to their own place    SB 10.11.53
  sarvabhauma-sthana—to the place of Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya.    Madhya 15.285
  tat-tat-sthana—the respective places.    Madhya 20.202
  tirtha-sthana—the holy places of pilgrimage.    Madhya 17.190
  vihara-sthana—pleasure grounds    SB 3.23.21
  vasa-sthana—residence    Madhya 19.102
  vasa-sthana—place of residence    Antya 12.16
  vasa-grha-sthana—residential places for staying    Madhya 11.172
  vasa-sthana—resting places.    Madhya 16.26
  vasa-sthana—place to stay    Madhya 16.46
  vasa-sthana—residential quarters.    Antya 1.16
  ye ye sthana—which different places    Adi 13.49
  yogya-sthana—proper place    Madhya 15.274
  avasa-sthana—residential places    Madhya 21.42

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