Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: stham

  stham—situated    SB 3.28.25

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: stham

  sarva-bhuta-stham—within the hearts of all living entities    Adi 5.77, Madhya 20.251
  bhuvi-stham—while standing on the ground    SB 1.15.17
  sarira-stham—situated within the body    Bg 17.5-6
  sarira-stham—situated in the body    Bg 17.5-6
  eka-desa-stham—lying down in one place    SB 6.16.53-54
  eka-stham—situated in one    Bg 13.31
  hasta-stham—while still in the hand of Bali    SB 8.10.43
  hrdi-stham—situated in the heart    SB 1.9.10
  hrt-stham—situated in the heart    Bg 4.42
  kamala-asana-stham—sitting on the lotus flower    Bg 11.15
  kuta-stham—situated in everyone’s heart    SB 3.24.5
  kuta-stham—fixed    SB 4.20.11
  kuta-stham—within the core of the heart    SB 9.10.14
  ratha-stham—who was seated on the chariot    SB 9.23.35-36
  sarva-bhuta-stham—situated in all beings    Bg 6.29
  asrama-stham—residing in an asrama    SB 6.18.56
  atma-deha-stham—situated on the bodily self    SB 3.5.27
  atma-stham—situated within myself    SB 1.6.15
  atma-stham—situated in Himself    SB 3.12.32
  atma-stham—situated within his body    SB 4.20.8
  atma-stham—situated in self-realization    SB 4.23.18
  atma-stham—within your hearts    SB 4.24.70
  atma-stham—situated in the heart    SB 7.1.9