Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sthala

  sthala—land    SB 2.6.13-16, SB 2.10.37-40
  sthala—on the land    SB 6.4.19
  sthala—or on land.    Madhya 16.203

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sthala

  ganda-sthala—falling on Your cheeks    Madhya 24.50, Antya 15.70
  sunya-sthala—the vacant place    Madhya 9.314
  ganda-sthala—cheeks    SB 3.15.41
  ganda-sthala—on the cheeks    Antya 15.73
  jala-sthala-khagaih—animals moving on the water, on land and in the sky    SB 8.10.10-12
  lila-sthala—all the holy places of Lord Krsna's pastimes    Madhya 1.240
  lila-sthala dekhi—seeing the places of pastimes    Madhya 18.64
  sankirna-sthala—very narrow place    Antya 3.153
  sei sthala—that place    Madhya 18.68
  sthala-cara—living entities who can move on land    Madhya 19.144
  sthala-nalinikam—compared to a red lotus flower    SB 5.8.25
  sthala-sthena—situated on the wall    SB 3.27.12
  sthala-vihangama—of land birds    SB 5.2.4
  urah-sthala—chest    SB 5.5.31
  vaksah-sthala—chest    SB 2.7.25
  vaksah-sthala—on the chest    SB 3.8.28