Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: stha

  stha—you are    SB 4.24.30, SB 5.20.23
  madhya-stha—as mediator    Madhya 5.82
  madhya-stha hañā—becoming a mediator    Madhya 10.167
  su-stha—completely healthy    Madhya 19.20
  su-stha—all right    Antya 11.22
  su-stha hañā—becoming steady    Madhya 8.29
  su-stha hao—are you all right    Antya 11.21
  sva-dharma-stha—one who is faithful to his prescribed duty    SB 1.17.16
  taṭa-stha—neutral    Madhya 8.83
  taṭa-stha ha-iyā—becoming impartial    Adi 4.44
  taṭa-stha-ākhya—known as marginal    Adi 2.103
  taṭa-sthā—marginal    Madhya 8.152
  taṭa-sthā-ākhya—known as the marginal potency    Adi 5.45
  udara-stha—situated within the abdomen    SB 3.9.21

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