Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: stana

  stana—breasts    SB 5.2.6, Madhya 14.197
  stana—of the two breasts    SB 8.12.19, Madhya 22.98
  stana—of her breast    SB 3.2.23
  stana—of your breasts    SB 3.20.36
  stana—breast.    Adi 14.10
  stana—her breast    Adi 14.11
  stana—breast    Adi 14.34

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: stana

  stana-dvayam—her two breasts    SB 6.14.53, SB 8.8.18
  aja-gala-stana—nipples on the neck of a goat.    Adi 5.61
  aja-gala-stana-nyaya—like the nipples on the neck of a goat    Madhya 24.93
  krsna-bhukta-stana-ksirah—therefore, because their breasts were sucked by Krsna, who drank the milk flowing from their bodies    SB 10.6.37-38
  nirvrtta-stana—breasts not agitated    SB 8.8.41-46
  nitamba-stana—by her hips and firm breasts    SB 10.6.5-6
  stana pana—sucking the nipple    Adi 14.35
  stana-arthi—Krsna, who was hankering to drink His motherís milk by sucking her breast    SB 10.7.6
  stana-dvayat—beginning from the breast    SB 2.5.39
  stana-stavaka—the multitude of breasts    Adi 4.196
  vigalita-stana-pattika-antam—the border of the sari on the breasts moved slightly.    SB 8.9.18
  vyathita-stana—being severely aggrieved because of pressure on her breast    SB 10.6.13