Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: srutam

  srutam—heard    Bg 18.72, SB 3.6.36, SB 5.25.11, SB 6.14.9, SB 6.18.7, SB 7.6.28, Antya 1.142
  srutam—was heard    SB 4.7.60, SB 4.29.56
  srutam—following scriptural injunctions    SB 1.16.26-30
  srutam—have heard.    SB 3.12.28
  srutam—which I have heard.    SB 7.11.5
  srutam—Vedic knowledge    SB 7.15.26
  srutam—has been heard.    SB 8.19.23
  srutam—the education    SB 8.19.32
  srutam—I have already heard    SB 9.1.2-3
  srutam—have all been heard    SB 9.10.3
  srutam—material enjoyment as promised to the fruitive workers for future happiness (either in this life or in the next, in the heavenly planets and so on)    SB 9.19.20
  srutam—experienced by hearing    Madhya 25.37

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: srutam

  yatha-srutam—as I had heard it from the liberated souls    SB 1.6.15
  yatha-srutam—by remembering the instruction (of celibacy, brahmacarya, not even to see a woman)    SB 6.1.62
  yatha-srutam—as I have learned by hearing from the authorities    SB 7.13.23