Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: srutah

  śrutaḥ—heard    SB 3.14.7
  śrutaḥ—I have heard (from you)    SB 8.1.1
  śrutaḥ—known, celebrated    SB 8.13.1
  śrutaḥ—a son named Śruta    SB 9.9.16-17
  śrutaḥ—I am known.    SB 10.3.41
  śrutāḥ—or by hearing about them    SB 1.13.11
  śrutāḥ—are heard    SB 3.15.23
  śrutaḥ api—nor heard of    SB 8.24.26
  śrutaḥ tataḥ—and the son of Subhāṣaṇa was Śruta    SB 9.13.25
  iti śrutāḥ—thus they are celebrated    SB 9.23.20-21

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