Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sroni

  sroni—lower part of the waist    SB 4.24.51

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sroni

  brhat-calat-sroni-bhara-akranta-gatih—being overburdened by the weight of her large breasts, she became tired and had to reduce her speed    SB 10.9.10
  sroni-tata—because of big hips    SB 8.9.16-17
  sroni-dese—on the region of the belt.    SB 2.1.35
  prthu-sroni—bearing very large hips    SB 8.12.29-30
  su-sroni—possessing very nice hips    SB 9.19.5-6
  su-sroni—O beautiful Parvati    SB 6.17.27